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So, your appointment is all set.

Bring your dog's favourite fetch toy, and some of their most desired treats. Also bring your thinnest leash, for ease of removal in photoshop. I've removed hundreds of leashes from hundreds of photos though, so don't worry if your only leash is a bulky one. I got this!

In my experience, dog parks such as Bruce or Conroy Pit are far too busy and distracting. Even if your dog performs perfectly for the camera, there are always dogs passing by who are just itching to steal the spotlight. I normally shoot along Greenbelt trails or in city parks, so let me know if you'd like me to select a spot to meet, or feel free to guide me to your local park...or a cottage even!

If we see extreme weather in the forecast, we may need to reschedule, but my camera gear (and myself) are weather-sealed. I'll shoot in drizzle, but not a downpour. I'll shoot in a snowfall, but not a blizzard.

See you soon!

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